Market analysis shows you lists of relevant organizations and codes based on your needs. Use search criteria and filters to identify potential suppliers, partners and customers.

Find business partners

Identify key players in the industry and region of your interest, based on confirmed contractual history

Explore concluded contracts

Search and learn about the contracts that are concluded by buyers and

Get in touch with organizations

Start conversations with market participants on any topic - all in one place and joinable by your colleagues

Market analysis types

Different types of analysis

Our market analysis tool allows different ways to structure data

Supplier analysis

This view allows to focus on the suppliers of particular keywords, industries and regions. Supplier analysis can be used to find potential suppliers for your RFI or for individual contact with any listed company.

Buyer analysis

Find potential customers by analysing the purchasing activities of organizations. Buyer analysis enables you to find knowledgeable Buyers that can be also consulted for your purchasing needs.

CPV analysis

See the contracts concluded in different industries, structured by CPV (common procurement vocabulary) codes. Easily find relevant CPV codes for your upcoming tenders.