Use cases for buyers

Get better access to market information

Find and match

with relevant suppliers during procurement planning

Receive offers and insights

Quickly using a standardised market research process

Generate reports

On performed market researches and compare supplier offers and comments

Learn about the market

by analyzing supplier and procurement data from many countries

Smart matchmaking

We use open and proprietary data to suggest top suppliers to engage during procurement planning

Keyword search

Search for keywords in tender data and find suppliers to contact

Industry data

Review top suppliers in the industries of your choice

Geographical reach

Go global and use cross-country data to find suppliers across many countries

Talk to suppliers - as early as possible

Efficient procurement planning requires knowing the market. We make it easy for you to gather this information before tendering.

Standardised process

Our market research process is optimised to save your time, while requesting information from many suppliers in parallel

Supplier list generation

Individual supplier contact is inefficient. Sorsera generates Supplier lists, which allows you to contact many Suppliers with a single click.

Organized market data

Received supplier data will be available online to overview, compare and generate reports.