Request for information (RFI) tool allows public and private buyers to receive up-to-date technical, financial and other information from any supplier. Manage all your RFIs on Sorsera’s web platform - no installations, no fees.

Solicit required information from many suppliers in parallel

Reduce the time and cost of retrieving business information

Compare and analyze submitted information within your team

How to launch RFI

Steps for successfully launch and analyse your RFI


Create and publish your RFI

Launch your RFI in minutes by describing your requirements and the required information from suppliers.


Receive feedback

Gather information and track supplier progress through your RFI. Extend or send reminders to suppliers as required.


Invite suppliers

Choose suppliers from our searchable list or easily invite your own suppliers by e-mail to participate in your RFI.


Follow-up and review results

Clarify information after receiving submissions or questions. Easily review and compare submitted information.

RFI Types

Types of requests

Choose the type of information in which you are interested

Price survey

Receive and compare supplier price offers from many suppliers based on your submitted description and documents.

Areas of use:

Tender budgeting, Low-value purchasing, Project cost estimation

Market research

Ask suppliers for opinions and offers to planned tender requirements. This allows you to prepare final tender requirements better and inform suppliers of the planned tendering procedure.

Areas of use:

Tender planning


Consult suppliers before setting detailed project requirements. This RFI is well suited for evaluating different solutions in the pre-tender phase and having discussions with many suppliers.

Areas of use:

Finding new solutions, tender planning