June 28, 2023

Finding market consultations: How Sorsera makes it easier?

Market consultations are a legal and legitimate way for the public sector to gain a clear understanding of what the market can offer before officially announcing a procurement process. These consultations provide insights into available products, solutions, prices, terms, expected contract prices, and potential competition. By participating in consultations, the public sector can avoid unjustified or competition-restrictive procurement qualification or technical specification requirements that may hinder the execution of procurement and contracts. Additionally, suppliers can better prepare for upcoming procurements.


Learn more about supplier consultations' legal regulations and benefits by reading our blog post here.


Steps for processing and distributing publicly available consultation data:

  1. Starting Point:
  • πŸ“ The buyer publishes the consultation on the "Publication Management System" (PMS) maintained by The Procurement Monitoring Bureau.

  1. Sorsera Involvement:
  • ➑️ The Sorsera team imports the consultation from the PMS and re-publishes it on our platform, specifically in the Information exchange tool (RFx).
  • πŸ“„ We analyze public data and suppliers previous participation in similar procurements to identify the most suitable suppliers.
  • πŸ“’ We reach out to selected suppliers, inviting them to participate in the consultation and explaining the consultation process and its benefits.
  • πŸ’¬ Interested suppliers can conveniently submit written responses to the consultation on the Sorsera platform.
  • πŸ“© Each supplier's response is sent to the initiator of the consultation.
  • πŸ“‘ We prepare a comprehensive summary report (PDF) including all supplier responses and send it to the organization conducting the consultation.
  • βœ… The buyer can review all the received information on the platform and continue communication with the suppliers.

Sorsera's re-publication of consultations aims to:

  • Facilitate direct communication between buyers and suppliers during the procurement planning phase.
  • Promote transparent collaboration between the public and private sectors in procurement processes.
  • Provide buyers with the opportunity to prepare adequately for upcoming procurements.

Buyer: Can I organize consultations on the Sorsera platform and invite suppliers myself?


Yes, after registering on the Sorsera platform, both suppliers and buyers can utilize our information exchange tools to create price surveys, consultations, market research, or customize requests according to their needs. It is also possible to analyze the market and leverage our knowledge and data to invite the most suitable suppliers to participate.


For the convenience of public procurers:

We recommend initially creating and publishing consultations on the Sorsera platform before submitting them to the PMS, specifying that you would like to receive responses on the Sorsera platform. This way, you will have all supplier responses in one place, as well as a comprehensive consultation summary and a final report that meets the requirements of the Public Procurement Law.


❗Please note: Sorsera tools for public sector buyers are free of charge.


Useful Resources:

  • Learn how to register and manage your organization on the Sorsera platform: here.
  • Sign up for individual online training sessions: here.